August 12, 2011

Three Months Old

Collier has been three months old for about two weeks now, so it's high time I post an update on our precious boy. In this last month he's had several firsts. He has rolled over from his back to his belly--only once though. He has not done it again, though he didn't seem to like it the first time. He cried, which is how we discovered he'd rolled over. He has also laughed once in this last month, though I haven't heard a second time what I deemed a laugh before. Perhaps it was just a fluke, but Hamilton was laughing at this age.

He still smiles a lot, and he smiles for anyone who speaks sweetly to him. Claire and Hamilton both are really good at getting him to smile.
Collier still spends most of his playtime lying on his back on his playmat with toys dangling above his head. I've recently introduced him to his exersaucer which he seems to like at least for a little while.
He loves playing with his pacifier, though he sometimes gets irritated when he pulls it out of his mouth but can't get it back in. This action also irritates Claire who can't seem to understand why he keeps pulling it out when he clearly wants the pacifier in.

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  1. Can't wait to get my hands on this little chunk!
    The pics are great.