August 5, 2011

Old Pictures

For some reason I haven't taken many pictures lately even though I've felt much better for a week now. As I looked back through some old pictures, I found some that I hadn't gotten around to posting when they were new.

Hamilton helped Mr. Morgan wash the Explorer back in April before the baby's arrival. Hamilton loves helping and being given a job, especially if it's a job he hasn't done before.
All winter and spring Hamilton loved playing in the kitchen cabinets when I was busy cooking in the kitchen. He'd pull all the stuff out then sit himself in the cabinet. He even got good at putting all the dishes back in the cabinet where they belonged.
In May we went to the farmers' market downtown at Marion Square with Mimi and Pops one Saturday. Pops paid the exorbitant rate for Hamilton to play in the jump castle, and Hamilton loved it. I wish my pictures had turned out better, but chasing a moving target through black netting is not easy. I was pleased that Hamilton wasn't afraid to play inside the jump castle, since he wasn't too sure about this activity at our last opportunity. He loved to jump and fall on his bottom; he'd do it over and over again and laugh every time.
Also back in May, I captured Hamilton eating his first corn on the cob. His actual eating of the corn was much cuter, but by the time I got up from the dinner table to get my camera, he wasn't doing his intense and happy eating anymore.

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