August 30, 2011

Four Months Old

Sunday was Collier's four-month birthday. He's still growing like a weed, though he's been in a fussy stage for the last month or so. He's also been spitting up WAY more than he was when he was first born. However, the last three days have been great! Since Mr. Morgan's been preparing for his cleanse and we've been eating lighter and better, I think my milk has been a better nourishment for Collier. He's much less fussy, and his spitting up has subsided immensely. In this past month Collier had still been really happy and smiley at times, and then he'd erupt into ear-piercing screams and squeals without any warning. I will continue with this new diet--little dairy, sugar, meat, and grains--definitely until he's no longer breastfeeding.

Hamilton loves to hold Collier; he'll say, "I hold baby" over and over again until I put Collier into his lap. Collier takes Hamilton's holding well especially the death grip around his neck; however, I have to be ready for when Hamilton says "all done baby" and pushes Collier away from his lap--usually at the same time.
Collier's rolling over all the time now onto his belly, and sometimes he can roll back. He's still sleeping so well and going to sleep easily, which took Hamilton much longer to accomplish. I've started him on rice cereal; and after the first try when he gagged and wretched, he's eating heartily and loving it now.

Many times during dinner we also feed Collier his bottle, so we're all sitting at the table together. On Sunday night Mr. Morgan and I fed the boys together first, and we ate later in peace (hence no plates for us). Collier got so tickled at Hamilton's eating and talking that Mr. Morgan got the camera out to record Collier's unprovoked, adorable laugh. Hamilton also does lots of talking in this video which I usually interpret, if you can hear my voice.

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  1. So cute! I can't believe how much Collier has grown.