September 6, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

After our first full day back with the kids in our regular routine, I'm so thankful I had such a fun anniversary weekend. I've felt revived and refreshed all day. Mr. Morgan and I dropped the little ones at the farm for the weekend, and we headed to Hendersonville to stay in a quaint bed-and-breakfast. Who but Mom and Dad would watch three kids and two dogs for a long weekend? Yes, they are dears. The kids had a blast, and I think Mom and Dad enjoyed all the crazyness too--though I'm sure they were relieved to see the back of our loaded-down vehicle come Monday afternoon.

Hamilton seemed to have learned tons of new words and to be talking more and better just in three days if that's possible. He loved seeing Mimi and Pops's chickens and collecting their eggs, as well as the usual fun stuff like seeing the horses, riding in the golf cart, and playing with different toys.

Claire got horse-riding lessons and training from the friendly neighbors with eight horses. Susan said Claire was a model student and quick study; I believe Susan's words were, "I'd like to clone her as a student." Claire loved everything about the horses: being dirty and grimy, walking over horse manure (or what Hamilton called "orsie-poo"), and giving treats so they'd do a command. She was so proud to show us what she'd learned, and she loved that one of the Morgan horses was named Claire.
Claire asked what we did on our trip, and all I could think of were the things we don't usually get to do--sleep in, nap in the afternoon, talk during meals without interruption, etc. We also toured the Apple Festival, saw a play at the new Flat Rock Playhouse downtown, and went to see a movie. Though we're still on a fairly restrictive diet, Mr. Morgan and I found some fabulous places to eat including Tupelo Honey Cafe--a definite must if you're in the Asheville area. We loved our time away! We did plenty of reminiscing about the past five years, and I'm so glad I married that man. He still makes me laugh!