September 18, 2011

Hamilton Lately

Hamilton loves to help Mr. Morgan around the house and in the garage. Recently, he "helped" Mr. Morgan change the lightbulb in the oven. I loved how immediately Hamilton started doing exactly what he saw his daddy doing--hands on knees staring into the oven.
Then Mr. Morgan pointed out some things inside the oven, so Hamilton followed suit.
Two weeks ago we received a shipment in a huge box, so I saved the box for Hamilton to play inside. Over the week or so that the box sat in our downstairs, Hamilton played with the box in so many ways. Sometimes he got in the box, but other times he wanted me to pull him around while sitting in the box. At times he'd hide inside and declare it was "dark, Mommy." When West came over, they played with their toys inside the box--with way more laughing and sillyness than I thought possible.
Hamilton has always had an affinity for music and singing, and lately he's been able to ask specifically for songs he wants me to sing. "Twinkle, Mommy" means he wants me to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." "Jees Me" means he wants to hear "Jesus Loves Me." Two new favorites are "Rejoice in the Lord Always" and "This Is the Day." He clearly says, "rejoice," but "day" is the only recognizable word for the other song. While I love singing to him, he can easily get demanding, and he never tires of hearing any of these songs.

My sweet, big boy has such a full vocabulary, and he usually surprises me every day with some new word or phrase that I haven't heard from him before. Just tonight he was running around the downstairs saying, "I go so fas!" He'd laugh and laugh then take off again.

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