September 22, 2011

Some Cute Things

Yesterday Hamilton was singing his version of "Jees Me," and I recognized a few other words. After "Jees Me" and some humming, he clearly said, "Bible tells me so." Oh so cute! Later in the afternoon Claire heard him singing it, and she was so impressed. She tends to make a much bigger deal about things than I, so Hamilton continued to say, "Bible tells me sooo" all evening as his new default phrase. Past default phrases have included "muh hi be-ah" (more hay bales) and "Pah Joe Ten-see," which roughly translates to Papa Joe is in Tennessee. I fully expect him to continue his obsession with "Bible tells me sooo" all week at least.

During lunch I worked with Hamilton on saying his full first name, not just his Grady-given nickname of Hammie. He finally said it! Though it sounds like Hammie-ton. Then we worked on Taylor and Morgan, which he thoroughly enjoyed saying. I also repeated each sibling's full name to him; and when I said Mr. Morgan's full name, Hamilton smiled when I said "Hamilton" for his daddy's middle name. Then I asked, "Do you know Mama's full name?" He thought for a second, cut his eyes, then said, "Mama Tay-uh Mor-ghiun."

Collier tolerates all sorts of loving and hugging from Hamilton. He tolerates Hamilton's lying on top of him like he's destined to wrestle with his brother one day. Collier doesn't even cry with Hamilton's 28-pound body nearly smothering him; Collier just reaches his hands up to each side of Hamilton's face, and they look at each other. Hamilton babbles to him in his singsong voice, and Collier squeals with delight.

Claire has started writing her yet-to-be-published story again. And, her obsession with cats has reached new heights, for the main character turns into a cat in the fifth chapter. Then several days ago she told me, "I'm so jealous of my book. I wish I could turn into a cat." I'm not sure when she'll be finished with her book, but I'll be sure to post it once she's finished. She did ask me the other day--with a bit more pride than I was expecting, "Mama, have you ever written a book?" Well, no I haven't.


  1. You need to put a SPOILER ALERT if you are going to tell the surprises in Claire's book! my niece is also especially obsessed now with cats, since I got her the Cat Warrior books you " recommended". She is planning to be a Cat Goddess for Halloween.

  2. I love the nickname Hammie! Miss you guys so much. Can't wait to read Claire's book!

  3. I want to hear all those cute things.