September 27, 2011

Hamilton and Arthur

My dear friend Christie and her son Arthur visited us last weekend, and it was almost like old times. Except Hamilton and Arthur don't play together as two-year-olds nearly as well as they did as one-year-olds. Hamilton insisted on hoarding all the toys, and Arthur responded by crying and collapsing into a heap. I think sometimes Hamilton just wanted to see Arthur's reaction to his taking a toy away.
No matter how many toys, the boys still fought over the same one.
Here they played "together" for a few short seconds.
Hamilton's scoping out how to relieve Arthur of his Thomas train and police car. Tempting Arthur with Percy (the green train) in the picture above did not work, so Hamilton's having to rethink his strategy.
Both boys did love to play with their tongues stuck out! Notice that Hamilton has slyly stolen Thomas (the blue train) away from Arthur.
What a handful the boys were, but the weekend was so fun. Christie and I enjoyed some girl time on Saturday night when Mr. Morgan took over. What a dear!

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