June 11, 2011

Twenty-Three Months Old

This month's birthday was the first month since Hamilton's birth that I didn't think about his birthday when June 5 rolled around. I guess I'm busy with other things--like babies and diapers and more diapers. Hamilton's spoken vocabulary is exploding: He's trying new phrases every day, and he's repeating many words that I say. And, his variations are so cute, and some are surprisingly accurate.

Last weekend the incredible Paige Stumbo came to the farm for a photo shoot. We've seen a preview on her blog, and I'm so excited to see all the shots. I'll share them once I get the CD.
Hamilton loves to try new things especially tasks that I'm doing or that he's seen me do every day. He says, "I tryh," as he attempts to take over whatever I'm doing. If the task is too difficult for him, he'll say, "Mah tryh," as he looks back to me to complete the task.

He's such a friendly boy who says hello to everyone. This past week we had two men installing new windows in our house, and Hamilton said hello to each of them every time they walked into the house. Yes, it's been a bit chaotic here this week with curtains and blinds draped over chairs and furniture pushed away from the windows. But our new windows are in now, and they're fabulous!
Hamilton has been attempting to jump since we first tried it during Kindermusik several months ago. His "jumping" so far had been lifting one foot off the ground while bending his knees, which looked funny. But finally yesterday, he was successful at jumping with both feet off the ground at the same time! He also says, "Juh, juh," as he jumps, and he's so excited and proud of himself. I hope to get a video soon that I'll share.

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