June 22, 2011

Four Aunts and Four-Hundred Miles

During the second half of our trip to Tennessee, we drove to Memphis to visit more of Mr. Morgan's family. We visited with Aunt Jane and her family first, enjoying cake and ice cream at 10 am.

Then we had a late lunch at Chick-fil-A with our dear friends Christopher and Emilie who moved away from Charleston almost two years ago. Why luncheon at a fast-food place we have in Charleston, you ask? Because there's a play area that occupied three of the five children for hours, which is required for any visiting among adults.

We headed to Great Aunt Elizabeth's house (where we spent the night) to change clothes before we headed to a Morgan reunion of sorts at Aunt Gladys's house. We enjoyed Memphis barbecue for dinner and absolutely the best chocolate cake I've ever tasted. Aunt Patsy was also at the reunion, so we officially visited with four aunts from three different sides of Mr. Morgan's family--in one day. It was a whirlwind day with all the driving, eating, and visiting, but it was wonderful to see so many folks we hadn't seen in years.

The Morgan reunion was fun and rowdy because of all the kids. Little Elliott and Sloane were so excited to see the baby that they nearly attacked me when I walked in the door with Collier. They immediately wanted to hold him, so I obliged and took pictures.
Hamilton didn't play as much with the girls as I thought he would. Once Aunt Patsy showed him a train he could play with, he was occupied for most of the night.
I attempted to get a picture of all the kids before we left, and this is as good as it got. I think Sloane is trying to put "bunny ears" on herself, and her younger sister Elliott is copying as best she can.
We enjoyed breakfast at Great Aunt Elizabeth's before we headed back to Paris. After much begging, we convinced Elizabeth to join us for a picture. (This shot is the first picture I've seen where I think Hamilton looks a bit like me.)

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