June 17, 2011

Boating and Lake-Swimming

Papa Joe took Mr. Morgan, Hamilton, and me out on his boat while Grandma Judy stayed with Collier. We had such fun watching Hamilton as he donned his first lifejacket, swam in his first lake, and called out, "Bee bo-oh," every time a boat of any size passed us. I guess they were all "big boats" to him. Joe was our capable captain and tour guide.
I attempted to make Hamilton wear a hat, and Papa Joe offered this too-big one. 
Notice my death-grip on Hamilton's arm as I'm applying his sunscreen.
After exploring several coves, we found a spot for swimming. The chilly water was refreshing, and it made Hamilton squeal a bit.
We enouraged Hamilton to kick his legs, so we could begin teaching him to swim. So the whole time he was in the lake he kept saying, "Kih-kih-kih." And he loved for Mr. Morgan to kick-kick-kick his legs to make the water churn.

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