June 30, 2011

Two Months Old

Tuesday was Collier's two-month birthday, and as much as I try I fear I will be tardy many months with his updates. My timing for a photo shoot was not ideal because Collier was about to be fed. So he's a little fussy for the pictures. Though he smiles a lot (when his belly's full), I still don't have a good shot of it. I also included Hamilton in some pictures because he climbed on the chair beside the baby when I went to get my camera.
I think this shot is so telling of both boys right now: Collier just wants to be fed, and Hamilton loves snaps because he can take his clothes off.
Hamilton loves to help me feed the baby, and he always want to sit beside the baby especially on the couch. And, yes, we're still working on being gentle with the baby.
Collier is such a sweet, easy baby. We're down to four feedings a day with naps in between, and he's sleeping about eleven hours each night now. He enjoys lying on his playmat with toys dangling from above. He gives huge smiles when anyone talks to him--even Hamilton. Hamilton uses a high-pitched, "baby" voice to talk to him.

Collier even enjoys lying on his belly, which Hamilton never liked. Also unlike Hamilton at two months, Collier is bigger and growing faster. He's already in three-months clothes and some up-to-six-months outfits. We go next week for his checkup, so we'll get official weight and length then.

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