November 3, 2010

Playing in the Yard

Every Monday that we pick up Claire from school, the kids and I head to West Ashley for Claire's piano lesson. When Hamilton was little, he'd sometimes nap in the car while we waited, and I would read or nap myself. Now that he's older and mobile, he enjoys playing in the Wheelons' yard during Claire's half-hour lesson. Last Monday I took Mr. Morgan's t-shirt quilt and some books, so I could sit while Hamilton played. We ate our afternoon snack, read books, looked at trucks and Spanish moss, and found many sticks of all sizes.
We often hear airplanes overhead about which Hamilton gets so excited. And now he recognizes trucks on the road, and he's learning the word! I have neglected to look up the sign for truck, so he's been mimicking my saying the word. It doesn't sound exactly like truck, but it's close enough for me to know what he means. His pointing to a passing truck (as in the video below) also helps me know what he means.
He wasn't sure what to think about the bit of Spanish moss he found in the yard, but he definitely wanted me to see it. I quickly discarded the insect-riddled plant once Hamilton forgot his interest.


  1. I hope Seth doesn't read this and find out you used his beloved quilt on the GROUND! :)

  2. Please don't encourage him in his craziness! What better to use a quilt for than to have a picnic? And, besides, it was CLEAN grass.