November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Farm

Our original plans for Thanksgiving involved a Morgan/Taylor-family road trip to Tennessee to visit Mr. Morgan's family. After our most recent road trip, we determined a 12-hour trip with Hamilton would not be prudent, relaxing, or fun for anyone. At this age he's not a good traveler for distances taking longer than about two hours. Sadly, we didn't see Mr. Morgan's family this Thanksgiving, so we're thrilled they've planned to come to us for Christmas!

With our Tennessee plans canceled, we decided to go to the farm for several days. Mr. Morgan took his outdoor cooker again to fry our Thanksgiving bird for the fourth year. Our dear friend David joined us on Wednesday, and we had a long-overdue reunion having not seen him since August.
Mom wanted a good picture of our whole family, so we dressed in neutral colors and picked a pretty spot in the yard as a backdrop.
I love Hamilton's expression in this picture; I'm sure he's responding to some crazy antics performed to draw his attention away from his truck for a few seconds.
Uncle Billy played with Hamilton and his truck, and he threw the tennis ball for Fatty. She was an instant fan of his.
Uncle Billy and Aunt Linda are so sweet to my children, tirelessly playing and entertaining each of them and bringing sweet, little gifts. Claire spent many hours of the weekend reading the book they brought her, and Hamilton has not stopped playing with or talking about his tiny trucks.
Mom had two beautifully decorated tables for our Thanksgiving feast, and we enjoyed all our delicious favorites.
We only lacked two cousins (and their spouses) from having all of Grandma's family together for the holiday. We don't often all get together, so it's a treat when we can. I know we endured about a dozen shots between all the different cameras, so everyone can't smile the whole time; but how do most of us look like Awkward Family Photos and my brother looks like a floor model?
Hamilton's favorite outdoor activity is riding in Mimi's wagon. We took turns pulling him all over the farm for many hours.
He tried to pull the wagon himself, but he quickly gave up when it only moved a few inches after enormous effort.

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