November 22, 2010

Miss Gerry

My dear friends from home said goodbye to their grandmother yesterday. Mrs. Gerry Crisp had just celebrated her ninetieth birthday a few weeks before. Deb told me the celebration was wonderful; the daughters had outdone themselves with pictures and memorabilia displayed from each decade of her life.

Though I'm not technically part of the family, I've always felt like I was counted as an extra granddaughter. I'm welcomed at family functions, and "Miss" Gerry always greeted me with a hug around the neck and a kiss on the cheek. She often talked with me about tennis, since she knew I played and she was a fan. She always asked me about Charleston, my beloved city, for she loved the city too; but she'd lament that she didn't visit as often as she would have liked. I've always loved this picture from my wedding because it captures her loving spirit.
This past summer at Mountville's Fourth of July celebration, I saw Miss Gerry for the last time. She was so sweet to Hamilton, and he loved sitting in her lap.
We'll miss her especially at family events, though I'm thankful for the memories. May she enjoy her eternal rest with her Heavenly Father.


  1. She was so sweet. That photo is one of my favorites too! Wish I could have been at Thanksgiving. I missed ya'll!

  2. Amanda, we definitely missed you and Scott at Thanksgiving, especially since nearly Grandma's whole clan was there. I got lots of good comments about the picture you took of Miss Gerry and me at our wedding especially when we visited with the family after the funeral. I still love to look at all the great wedding shots you took for us!