September 14, 2010


Claire has been reading this book series lately about cats. She loves cats, so I understand her fascination with a book series that stars them. Her teacher requires the students to read books of different genres, and Claire's obsession with the fantastical Warriors series was used as an example at Open House of how students can get stuck in a rut with their reading. The teacher didn't call her out by name, but she mentioned the book series by name.

After Open House Mr. Morgan and I encouraged Claire to start another series or read some other books in between her Warriors books. We mentioned how her teacher used her obsession to tell parents what not to let their students do. This past Wednesday before community group Claire had another Warriors book that she was taking to the Hardee-Whites' house to read during our Bible study. So, again, I stressed to Claire that she was not to read the Warriors books for a while after she finished her current one.

While at community group, Amanda asked Claire about the book that she was reading. Claire replied (according to Amanda), "I've been uncouraged to read this book."

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