September 22, 2010

A Harness and Tether

Since Hamilton walks well now, I thought he should get used to his doggie harness and tether. He won't always be satisfied to ride in a store's cart, and some stores don't offer carts. I don't mind his walking beside me; however, he must learn to stay near me. Hence, the harness and tether. Now some moms say it looks too much like a leash. It functions as a leash, yes, but it's way cuter. Before Hamilton knew the purpose of the innocent-looking dog, he enjoyed having the dog ride on his back. Once we got into a store, Hamilton was frustrated with his tether. He wasn't able to run wild in the store like he does at home. Combine his new restraining device with lunchtime hunger, and Hamilton was well on his way to throwing a fit. I'm not deterred; however, and he'll learn eventually how far he can walk away from me. The redeeming part is that every step of the way he'll be super cute with his doggie along for the ride.

1 comment:

  1. We were "anti-tether" until we had the twins. At that point, we figured safety was more important than appearances!