September 23, 2010

Four Years

At the beginning of this month, Mr. Morgan and I celebrated four years of marriage. Our dear friends the Johnsons watched Hamilton, so we could attend the fifth-grade Open House and enjoy a quiet dinner out. In typical fashion for Mr. Morgan he gave me his anniversary gift as soon as possible. It had arrived in the mail earlier that afternoon, so that he waited until after it was wrapped and just before we left the house was an accomplishment for him. He's always just so excited about giving gifts! He bought me this delightful pitcher in my everyday-china pattern. Since this pattern is vintage, one has to search for additional pieces. Specialty pieces like a pitcher are hard to come by, especially in pristine condition. The best part of the gift, though, was the sweet note he stuffed inside. We've been blessed these four years, and I love being married to that man! 

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