November 17, 2012

Hamilton's perspective

The boys and I visited the mall Thursday to run an errand (and let them play in the play area). Santa was already set up and accepting lap-sitters, and all the trees and wreaths were decorated to the full. We walked into the mall and Hamilton exclaimed, "It's getting very 'Chris-me' in here!" He then said that exact phrase a dozen more times for the two hours we spent playing, eating, and shopping in the mall.

Mr. Morgan captured a cute video of Hamilton talking about a big storm we had last week. Hamilton employs his usual storytelling tactic of inserting random bits of information, repeating favorite sounds and words, and talking incessantly in one long run-on sentence.

1 comment:

  1. I'm crying from laughing so hard. He's so cute! Thanks for the card. I got it this week.