November 5, 2012

Recovery and Monday

Mr. Morgan's recovery over the weekend from his bronchial thermoplasty (outpatient surgery) on Friday morning was even better than we'd hoped. He was back to feeling pretty normal on Saturday, which he spent working on our friend Tyler's car. (Hamilton calls him "T for Tyler.") I'm sure Mr. Morgan quickly recovered because he was nursed so well. And big-chair companions and coffee help, too.
I peeped at my phone this morning to discover a text from my friend Vanessa whose husband is running for solicitor back home. He's been campaigning almost a year, already defeating the incumbent in the primary. She passed along this picture asking for prayers to deal with the crazies who apparently come out near an election. I didn't know people actually did this sort of thing; the message is almost too over the top to be believable as a legitimate campaign sign. (Obviously, David doesn't support guns in public schools.)
I dressed the boys warmly this morning, so they could play outside while I enjoyed some quiet time inside. After a few minutes I checked on them to find Collier crying a bit. He was wet from the waist down with no shoes on and one sock off. Hamilton said he'd gotten into some water that had puddled in some toys from last night's thunderstorm. So before mid-morning arrived, Collier had his second outfit of the day on.

The boys enjoyed some inside-fun like coloring and Play-Doh this morning. Hamilton's gotten more into coloring lately, and he'll spend some time trying to draw a picture. He's drawing camels right now; they look more like an oval with 14 legs. Then he exclaims, "Look, Mom, a camel! A camel! I drawed a camel!"
With election day tomorrow, I'm anticipating a good result. I really hope it's not a repeat of 2000 though, when we didn't know who was elected for all those weeks. I'm so excited about the election that we're hosting our own last-minute, election-night watch-party. I'd love to be at a real watch-party, but I'm happy we have some friends, with no kids to put to bed, who want to watch with us.

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