November 15, 2012

Ultimate Digger Birthday Party

Almost two weeks ago I took the boys to a birthday party for my college roommate's two-year-old. Not only is their house beautiful and party-ready, but she was a Kindergarten teacher with TONS of ideas and skills for making fun activities for kids. The boys loved the party! The biggest hit was the giant pile of sand in the backyard.
As if this party couldn't get anymore kid-friendly, Hamilton discovered the paint and brushes ready for him to make his masterpiece on the cardboard houses.
All manner of outdoor toys were available for the boys' entertainment. Collier enjoyed this lawnmower.
Once Collier joined the painting fun, the mess increased tenfold.
But Collier loves to do exactly what his big brother is doing.
This cute kid-sized picnic table served the boys well as they ate.
After supper it was back to the sand and trucks and diggers.
Only the promise of cake could tear them away from the outside fun. The construction hats created lots of excitement and cute pictures.
 The boys shared a big slice of digger cake.
With his hat on, Hamilton looks like a real construction worker standing in front of the cardboard bulldozer.
Saying goodbye to the fun party was hard, but I managed to get a few more pictures on the cutely decorated front steps as we left.
Perhaps there will be a day when I can get both boys to cooperate at the same time for a picture.

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