July 27, 2012

Beating the Heat

We spent another morning at the pool, as it's been our custom these past few weeks. Charleston is simply too hot for much else these days. Hamilton was feeling much better today, and after two weeks of swimming lessons, his new nickname is Nemo. He loves to dramatically take a breath, dive his face into the water, and kick his legs with all his might. He swims a few feet--from me to the steps, from the wall to me, wherever. He loves it.

Collier's also loving the water, but he has to be held or watched intensely. So swimming with two water-loving boys is a full-time job. This morning we met lots of friends at the pool, so I had a little help at times from other moms.
After Hamilton's day of feeling a bit under the weather, he spent much of this afternoon throwing the biggest fit he's ever thrown in his life. Maybe this is why they call them the terrible threes? Somehow I had patience for his episode, but it was different and new for me to see. I might rethink some punishments and lectures because I know I can't handle that strong of a fit often.

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  1. Having been where you are, let me clue you in on what I've learned. You have to have a long-term view when in the midst of a crisis. Think about how to shape your little man into the big man you want him to be later. And one of the best tools later in life is ...BLACKMAIL! Get out the video camera! Encourage him to let loose with all he's got, and videotape the whole thing! I've got an AWESOME 20-minute video of Kelsey when she was about 6. I've threatened to put it on Youtube more than once...