July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hamilton!

Though most of our celebrating was yesterday with all our family around, today is actually Hamilton's birthday. Happy third birthday to our biggest boy! We celebrated with a cookout for lunch; though we didn't time things well, and the boys were both tired and ready for naps before we could start the birthday party. Sweet Uncle Travis and Cheri hung around all afternoon to celebrate with us. We devoured cake and ice cream after the boys woke up.

This year I had the idea to do a digger cake. So after Mom and I both researched digger cakes a bit, we settled on one similar to this example I found on Pinterest. It didn't take long to create--unlike some of our previous birthday creations.
I used orange Dots and bubble gum for the cones, heads or tails Oreos for the dirt, and powdered-sugar-covered raisins for the rocks--which were Hamilton's favorite.
Here he's sneaking more sweet raisins, as Mom lit the candles and started the birthday singing.
Hamilton was a bit shy but happy as we sang to him.
After cake and ice cream, we opened presents on the back porch. Mimi and Pops gave him a red t-shirt with a real train engine printed on the front and a coal car on the back.
The Cozy Coupe has been a big hit for both boys. Hamilton loves to play like he's going to work in his car. Then he gets out, shuts the door, and says, "It's been a hard day at work."
Collier looks like he might take after his a-bit-prone-to-road-rage daddy.
The toy from Uncle Billy and Aunt Linda that made lots of noises and sounds has been a big hit, too.
After presents, I helped Hamilton open his cards. He especially loved the Chuggington card that played a song upon opening it. He was so excited to figure out what made the music stop and start!
Claire made a delightful card for Hamilton's birthday using scraps of paper.
**Special thanks to Uncle Travis for snapping pictures while I enjoyed Hamilton.

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