July 4, 2012

Parade Fun in Mountville

Happy Fourth of July! We're celebrating in Mountville, so the annual parade and hot-dog supper were on the agenda last night. Mom's cheery, festive bouquet adorned the table for lunch after we arrived.
We spent some of the afternoon preparing our "parade float." Mom used the shop-vac to clean out the back, and she draped holiday fabric over the roof and seat cushion.
We ate hot dogs and cole slaw on the grounds of the Fire Department. Hamilton saw some familiar faces, so he asked, "We eat with our friends?" That's how he came to sit on a blanket with all girls.
Hamilton licked all the icing off his cupcake, then he took off the paper and scarfed down the cake.
Collier walked all around finding friends as well. Dolly (in red) was far more interested in the puppy than Collier was.
Everyone wore red, white, and blue to celebrate.
Mountville somehow dodged the huge thunderstorms that surrounding cities and towns endured, but we did get a little bit of rain. We took cover in the Fire Department after the trucks were moved out. Hamilton's playing with new friends and scheming for a seat in the coveted pink folding chair.
Collier was a bit tired after eating supper and playing with new friends, so he sat in his stroller watching the bigger kids running all around in the rain.
Claire also found some friends, and they did whatever tweens do nowadays.
I love this picture because it shows Hamilton's best bossy pose. I'm sure he's giving Maggie Brooke an earful about some rule she's breaking.
Finally, Hamilton got his turn in the pink folding chair.
After a slight rain delay, we started the parade. Claire drove the golf cart with Mr. Morgan riding shotgun for safety.
Uncle Travis and Cheri were great sports, riding in the back of the golf cart with the boys. Mimi handed out flags and streamers on sticks.
Collier never dropped his flag, proudly waving it along the whole parade route.
Here's our bunch in action as they came around the parade route in front of the big house where I was stationed.
Behind them was a big tractor, so Hamilton had a fun view during the parade.
The younger bunch was short several members this year, so they paid homage to their faraway friends.
The Bagwells made a sign:
Stop Lights:  0
Population: ~500
Chicken Houses: 39
Living in Mountville
The greater Crisp family did a water theme with the kids shooting water cannons and throwing water balloons at parade-watchers.
Collier found himself in an airplane after the parade. I think he liked it!
He was still gripping his flag and waving it proudly.

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