May 29, 2012

Year-End Events and Videos

In the last weeks we've attended three year-end events for the kids--Claire's orchestra party, her piano recital, and Hamilton's family day during his last day at school. May is so packed with these events!
Our whole family enjoyed the orchestra party and picnic at Splash Island. Claire loved showing off her two brothers to her friends, and Hamilton loved flirting with Claire's friends.
Claire received an award for "perfect average" in strings class.
Her best friend Cady got several awards too.
The girls love their sweet teacher.
After the picnic and awards, we played at Splash Island. Hamilton saw a little slide and immediately--and uncharacteristically--wanted to slide down it. He got wetter than he was expecting the first time, so it took a few more times of trying to finally get him to come down the slide again. But he finally did! Many times he slid down after that, though I had to be right there to catch him. He didn't like getting his face submerged in the water at the end.
I caught him on video one of the last times he slid.

Collier spent some time crawling in the water too, but it was so "cold" (overcast, a little breezy, 75 degrees) the day we went. So he really loved being wrapped up in his fluffy towel after his few minutes of playing in the water.

Mr. Morgan stayed home with the boys, and I took Claire to her piano recital. Though she didn't play well at all considering how she plays sometimes, we had a great night with just us girls. Her best friend Cady came to the recital with her dad, and we all went out for frozen yogurt afterwards.

During Hamilton's last day of school, the parents were invited to come for outdoor games and a cookout. When Collier and I arrived, we found the boys already sweaty on the playground.
When it was the two-year-olds' time to play in the jump castle, I was hopeful Hamilton would love it. After a near disaster on the slide, he wanted to get out. He apparently hasn't been on enough slides to know how to do it. The second picture shows his upright position just before he tumbled onto his face at the bottom.
This shot with the boys' teachers was the best we could do, since sometimes two-year-olds don't like to be cooperative.
And here's the famous "Mih Ah-jee," so you'll know whom Hamilton's talking about. When she was his teacher at the beginning of the year, she was the first person he mentioned when he heard anything about school or teachers. She was also the first person he prayed for every night back then.
If you're still reading this long, catch-up post, you'll enjoy this video. This night just last week when Mr. Morgan was putting Hamilton to bed, he asked Hamilton to pray. Hamilton prayed for all his family which he'd never really done before like this. So Mr. Morgan left to get his phone, asked Hamilton to say his prayers again, and this video/voice-recording is the prayer he got. Sweet Mr. Morgan added the subtitles which make it even cuter.

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  1. Sweetest little prayer ever. Save it for always. Also, Claire has a wonderful touch and sound on the piano. Cannot believe how far along she is. we love those morgans!! mrs. Druid