March 9, 2012

Veggie Tales Live

Tuesday night Hamilton and I had a little date. I took him to see Veggie Tales Live at a local mega-church. We rode in Mr. Morgan's car which is much more intimate because Hamilton's so much closer to me while we're riding. And we had a whole night that was just the two of us! (It was so easy with one kid! I'd forgotten what that was like.) We arrived early to get good seats in the balcony, so Hamilton ate his PB&J dinner while waiting for the show to start.
As more folks started arriving, Hamilton's excitement increased. With kids outnumbering the adults in the auditorium at about 3:1, he knew something exciting was about to happen.
Once the show started, he was mesmerized! The little girl in the background wears the same expression--the universal wonderstruck look.
The music was what we listen to in the car nearly every day, but the lights, costumes, and life-size characters made it so special for Hamilton.
The Veggies are enormous, so even in the balcony Hamilton could see the action. We both loved it!

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