March 21, 2012

Zoo Birthday

For Travis's 30th birthday nearly two weeks ago, we descended upon Columbia to celebrate with the family. Since Travis loves the zoo (and the little boys do too), we settled for a day at the zoo with a picnic lunch. With Hamilton in and out of the jogging stroller, Collier spent most of the day in the backpack.
We were just in time to see the gorillas be fed. What an awesome view of these great creatures!
Hamilton had a front-row seat for the big gorilla; that's him with his hands out on the glass. Being so close to these creatures was so exciting!
Hamilton spent much of the day pal'ing around with Pops and getting a better view from Pops's shoulders.
I'm not sure if Hamilton actually ever reached out his hand to pet the giraffe, but he did enjoy watching up close--in the safety of Pops's arms.
For our picnic lunch, mom made German-chocolate cupcakes which has long been a tradition on Travis's birthday. Cheri, Travis's girlfriend, spent the day with us, and she was an enormous help with both boys.
Hamilton and Mimi enjoyed the carousel, though Hamilton wanted Mimi to stand closely for most of the ride.
Quickly after lunch, Collier conked out on Cheri who spent much of the day toting him around. I just noticed the drool stains on the backpack carrier where Collier mouthed it all morning.
We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Cheri and getting to know her at our beautiful day at the zoo.
Just before we left, Hamilton and Pops rode the little train.
That's Pops squeezed into the little train car with Hamilton and others.

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