March 21, 2012

Free Time

I was reading a Real Simple article last night about a survey they commissioned regarding a woman's free time (in the ten minutes I steal before lights out), and they defined free time as "the time you spend on yourself, where you can choose to do things that you enjoy." So I started thinking about how much "free time" I think I have during a day. Nap time is some "free time" I have; however, I usually spend it doing work for the church that I get paid to do, work for the church I don't get paid to do, or work around the house (that I don't get paid to do). I do many things I enjoy during my days and many things I don't mind doing, but I'm usually not doing them for myself per se. So maybe I don't have as much "free time" as I thought...

I started this post, so I could write about my last weeks that have been busy and full: our fun trip to the zoo for Travis's birthday, Hamilton's trike-a-thon at school, the unexpected adventure of potty training, and Collier's rapid growth into new skills. Those posts are to come. I'm enjoying some "free time" this morning while Collier is fitfully sleeping upstairs and Hamilton's at school. So I'm finally able to blog, which is definitely something I enjoy.

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