December 1, 2011

What I've Learned This Week

  1. Don't assume that "NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED"--printed boldly and proudly on a package--means that no refrigeration is required ever. Mold and gross-looking funk will grow on your nitrate-free pepperonis if you don't refrigerate them after opening.
  2. Don't assume when Claire's keyboarding teacher tells her "Mr. Qwerty" invented the keyboard and spelled his name within the key pattern, that he's joking. A quick Google search and two-day discussion/argument with Claire convinced her to set him straight.
  3. Leaning over and resting his head on the shopping cart is more comfortable for my crawling-but-not-yet-sitting-up son. Though strapped in, Collier does not sit well for long in shopping carts.
  4. Don't assume my son's crying screams during his diaper change are because his big brother head-butted him. Don't automatically fuss at the big brother; the baby's cries might be from having his finger pinched in the wipes container. Oops.
  5. A baby who's normally happy while he's being fed might be upset and fussing during mealtime because he's sitting on a small school bus.
  6. Claire's enthralled by a boy who sings. Here was our conversation tonight as we rode home:
    "Mama, did you ever have a crush on a boy?"
    "Oh yes."
    "Did you ever watch him sing?"
    "Yes, actually."
    "Didn't it make you like him all the more?"

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  1. But it is good mold. As in don't get that 1 year old ham out of the smoke house, get the 2 year old one with all the mold on it. Papa Joe