December 14, 2011

December 14

Since today was pajamas day at school, Hamilton didn't have to get dressed after breakfast. He loved just keeping his "jah-mahss" on this morning. As we were waiting for his ride to school, I wanted to capture his new Christmas pajama set from Mimi and Pops. He quickly grabbed the gingerbread-man ornament he made last year at school and said, "A cookie! I bite it!" Somehow I was able to interject my "No, it's not a cookie!" before he chomped down--while I was taking this picture. If I didn't know better (or know Hamilton's tendency not to pose for pictures), I'd think this shot was staged.


  1. Grady has bitten into and broken 2 fake candy canes. I mean, they are Clemson colored and Georgis colored, not even looking like real candy canes.

  2. So cute! I think his pajamas are misbuttoned.

  3. It does look like that in the pic, but I don't think they actually were. A button fell off before he ever wore them :(, so I plan to sew that back on before his next wearing. Perhaps that's causing them to look misaligned.