December 16, 2011

Claire's Piano Recital

Thursday night was Claire's piano recital. Mr. Morgan took video footage of her playing. She played her two songs well, and she said she wasn't even nervous. The little girl in the white sweater listening to Claire cracked me up when I watched the video today.

Though the recital was relaxed and informal, I didn't want either boy to interrupt another child's performance. One student before Claire was to play, the boys both were sitting in my lap, since Mr. Morgan was prepping the camera. Well Collier started bucking like he wanted to crawl around on the floor and Hamilton kept trying to pinch his cheeks for some reason. I'm wrangling the squirmers, as I'm trying to keep them on my lap. Then Collier grabbed a fistful of Hamilton's hair. Repeat--cheeks pinched again, more hair pulled. Miraculously they didn't actually make any noise during these shenanigans, but it was a juggling act in my lap with those rambunctious boys. I was appreciative of the hallway we escaped to after her songs.

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