December 9, 2011

Christmas Concerts

Last week was Claire's orchestra concert, though I'm finally getting around to sharing more pictures. To say Claire was excited about this concert is an understatement: She was giddy even about the rehearsal the day before! She shares a music stand with Cady who's first viola and one of Claire's best friends right now. 
Their orchestra teacher was so proud of them, so I'm assuming they did well for second-year orchestra students. As for "good music," I'm sure it was similar to the middle-school-band concerts my parents sat through when I played the flute.
The boys were well behaved during the short concert, though getting Hamilton to stand still for a quick picture is nearly impossible.
Cady's family invited us to party at a local ice cream shop following the concert. Claire was so excited to go with her friends, and I got to tag along and talk with the other parents. Mr. Morgan took the boys home for baths and bed. Claire ate a cheesburger and fries, and she shared a banana split with the other girls. She hadn't eaten much dinner at our early suppertime because she'd been so excited/nervous, but she made up for it aftewards. Here the girls--Claire, Cayley, and Cady--show off their newly purchased friendship rings.
Last night we were not at Hamilton's school Christmas program for long, but after such a busy week a quick night was best for all. Hamilton's performance was truly quick with the two-year-olds' singing only one song.
The boys' matching outfits were adorable, and I'm eager for other occasions to wear these cute Christmas duds.
My little boy looks so tall in his jon-jon suit.
Since I was dressed more festively than Mr. Morgan, he snapped pictures of us three.

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