November 3, 2011

More Halloween

Before Halloween gets too far behind us, I wanted to share these other pictures from the weekend. Our dear friend Leven took this fantastic shot of Collier in his cute banana costume.
We joined several other families on Saturday night for a Boo Bash at the Kochs' house. In the mayhem of getting five costumes and three kids out the door, I forgot my big camera. I only had my iPhone camera to use; it's pretty good but nothing like my Nikon. Mr. Morgan and I dressed as the Drapers from the cable show Mad Men. Now Bryce, the bride in this picture, is the second half of the cross-dressing couple. Tiffany, his precious wife, dressed as the groom.
Abby, who has regularly been featured on Morgan Adventures, insisted on a black triceratops costume. Tiffany went all out to create the ancient creature for dinosaur-obssessed Abby.
This shot was the best Morgan family photo while we were all in costume.


  1. You guys look awesome! Love mad men : ). Abby's costume is pretty great...props to Tiffany!

  2. I have never even considered doing something like this;however, it looks like so much fun. All of you seem to put so much effort into it that the feeling I get when seeing it is a loving family with lots of friends. Love, Papa Joe