November 15, 2011

My Boys

Our cloudy day in Charleston was a good excuse for some backyard fun with my camera handy. I was able to coax Hamilton to lie on the quilt beside Collier--which meant he promptly stole the toy Collier was playing with.
Though nearly squashing his brother, Hamilton complied by sitting next to Collier on the quilt. Collier eyed the school bus--a favorite of Hamilton's--so Hamilton tried to dissuade Collier's curious eyes by body-blocking and stern warnings.
Collier is the easier boy to photograph being only slowly mobile right now.
Hamilton is difficult to photograph; if I get a shot of his face, his eyes are usually downcast.
So I asked him, "Please look at Mama," and I got a scowl. It looks like a refusal to smile.
He tromped around the yard talking to himself.
And Collier scooted himself off the quilt.
 I love Collier's happy expression as he looks at his big brother.
As I was on the ground shooting Collier, he army-crawled himself directly at the camera so quickly! Later when I tried to video his new crawling, he wouldn't budge because he'd get distracted by Hamilton. But my clicking camera had motivated his moving across the quilt to grab my lens.

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