October 31, 2011


Our neighbor friends came over for an early dinner before we took the kids around our neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Claire and Mercedes clipped along at a faster pace, and their haul of candy made Claire exclaim, "This is the best Halloween trick-or-treating ever." Mercedes dressed as the Gray Lady and Claire as a black cat. Claire proudly created most of her costume by drawing stripes on a gray shirt and whiskers on her face. We tried to get all the kids in one picture. However, Logan (the turtle) wouldn't stand still long enough, and Collier was already strapped into the stroller.
Mercedes was in character with her forlorn expression; she normally has a lovely smile.
The monkey and the banana were perfect costumes for my boys, and I was thrilled that tonight's wearing was the third opportunity they'd had to don them this holiday.
Hamilton and Logan got really into the ringing of doorbells and asking for candy. They said several times, "Go get more candy!" in super-excited voices--even while they were standing on porches gripping pieces of candy. And we got plenty of it throughout the evening. Hamilton also enjoyed saying, "Happy happy," though sometimes he'd tack a "ween" on the end. Collier was content in his warm costume to ride in the stroller for the evening.
The boys were so cute with their getting in and out of the wagon in between each house.
I know it's dark in this video, but you can hear Hamilton's excited voice.

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  1. We really had such a great time! Logan was talking about Hamilton and candy until he fell asleep. Mercedes had a wonderful time running around with Claire. Thank you for dinner and taking such great pictures of the kids.