November 17, 2011

Happy Fall

Somehow I was able to capture Hamilton and Collier with both faces toward the camera, pleasant expressions, and still bodies. The boys wore their coordinating fall outfits on Wednesday, so I had to snap a picture.
Let's be honest: Most of the shots were a mixture of Hamilton's gripping Collier in a bear hug and erratically waving his arms around.
Notice the super-cute pocket Mimi included on the boys' pants--not that they use them yet. I'm afraid to show Hamilton what a pocket's for, as I'm sure he'd find tons of icky boyish things to carry around on his person.
At school today, Hamilton's class enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with one class dressed as Pilgrims and Hamilton's class dressed as Indians. They made headdresses with paper feathers and "leather" vests from paper grocery bags.
What a cute Indian he was...
before he ripped off his vest.
The requisite, holiday-themed laminated artwork came home with him. Happy early Thanksgiving!

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