October 31, 2011

Six Months Old

Collier turned six months old on Friday. He's growing like a weed, and he continues to move around so much. He squirms and scoots across the floor while he's playing. He rolls over both ways and spins around so much that he hardly stays on his playmats, especially if he's going after a toy. He enjoys standing, and he can balance himself in a standing position at the coffee table. He does not usually like sitting.

He's still happy and all smiles for everyone who looks his way, and he's still spitting up like it's his job. I know Mr. Morgan is ready for him to outgrow that yucky trait. We're feeding him lots of new foods including sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, carrots, green peas, and apples. He seeems to like everything as long as it's pureed enough--and shoved into his mouth fed to him as quickly as possible.
Collier has a sweet, cuddly nature; however, holding him can be a struggle if he wants to be on the floor rolling around and playing. He does enjoy his exersaucer which I use when I need him to stay put. He loves watching Hamilton play, and Collier still takes Hamilton's running him over with the umbrella stroller rough playing well.
He spends most of his playtime on his belly gnawing on different toys. Lying on his belly is his favorite position, though it was Hamilton's least favorite.
We love our littlest boy who's growing so fast!

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  1. I'm giving you an A+ on camera skills. You caught so many different expressions. Collier's the cutest thing since Hammy!