October 15, 2011

In Mourning

Wow, what a long time since my last post. Sweet Papa Joe called thinking I might have been sick. I have many new items to post and a new layout option to check out, but I must first post about our difficult week.
Our dear Feebs left this world last Saturday, and we greatly feel her loss. Mr. Morgan and the boys went to the farm to hang out, and I went to a women's conference in Atlanta. After a tragic accident, Phoebe was laid to rest at the farm--a place she loved because she had so much freedom to roam and so many places to explore. I wanted to remember Phoebe on the blog as the sweet-natured dog that she was. Her small stature and cocked-head grin could melt any heart.
She was a constant companion to Fatty, encouraging Fatty to act years younger than her bones make her feel. A Fourth of July before we had kids to dress up, we adorned Phoebe and Fatty with festive bandanas for their necks.
Phoebe's gazelle-like bounding around the yard always made us smile. She loved to chew on her toys--and the boys'. She loved to scavenge after our meals and eat her own, though sometimes standing was just too much effort while licking her bowl clean.
And she loved freshly popped popcorn. She and Fatty were in the kitchen because of the melodious sounds of kernels popping.
She didn't mind eating her food off the floor when Hamilton helped feed her.
Phoebe had a special affinity for Mr. Morgan. Even when her bath was done, she didn't want to be far away from him.
She loved sitting in his lap.
Phoebe cozied up to anything that smelled like us--piles of laundry, the babies' Boppy, etc.
Rest in peace, dear Feebs. We'll miss you so.


  1. Aw..poor Phoebe...and poor Morgan Family! Sorry about her untimely demise! RIP Phoebe!