August 8, 2010

Thirteen Months Old

Hamilton was 13 months old on August 5, and he started walking earlier this week! In just a few days he's improved so much. Here's a video of his walking from a few days ago.

I'm several days late in posting about Hamilton's latest milestone. I didn't do the usual picture with friends because Hamilton would never have sat still long enough for the photo shoot. I'll probably continue the milestone posts with a video or snapshot about any recent skills.

Hamilton has continued to delight us with his squealing and talking, though we're trying to work on being quieter at the dinner table. It's hard to take the loud boy out to eat right now. Hamilton learned a new sign recently (dog), which has given me hope that he'll start to learn more signs as he's been preoccupied mastering many mobile skills in the last few months.

He loves music and dancing; any song or simple beat he hears makes him dance. I kept him in the worship service this morning for the music part: He seemed to enjoy the music; however, his noisyness and squirmyness are making me rethink having him in there.

I registered Hamilton for a Child's Day Out program for the fall. He'll attend "school," as we'll call it, for two mornings each week beginning in September. Several of his little friends from our community group will be in his class, and a few hours each week without Hamilton will give me time to run errands.

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