August 17, 2010

Back Porch Makeover

With Hamilton's moving around and getting into everything, it's hard to let him roam and play downstairs by himself. Our downstairs is open, so there's nowhere to corral the little one. He's constantly getting into things that he shouldn't be getting into.

A few weeks ago at Mom's suggestion, I reappropriated the back porch as a playroom for Hamilton. The ratty and old, stained and mildewed couch cushions had to go. The supposed-to-be-indoor fan was tossed and replaced. I bought a giant outdoor rug from Lowe's to cover the cement floor. The new window shades have been a blessing and necessity in the oppressive heat and sun this summer.
I rearranged some furniture from the house that is actually for outdoors, and I moved some plastic toys outside, making a cozy playroom that he loves.Though on the hottest days Hamilton sweats a lot, he has enjoyed his playroom. It's great to have a toddler-friendly place downstairs for him to play by himself. Through this full-length window in the door, I can easily keep an eye on him while I'm downstairs, even while cooking in the kitchen.

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