August 21, 2010

Fifth Grade

Claire started the fifth grade this past week. Her math-and-science teacher this year is a man, and I'm wondering if that will affect her behavior or performance at all. Her language teacher's surname has given her a reputation of being "mean," according to Claire's earlier reports; however, she seemed perfectly nice when I met her.

There's a new, strict dress code/uniform policy this year that most of the kids have been lamenting, so Mr. Morgan has taken Claire this afternoon to go shopping for new school clothes and see Despicable Me. Since I helped Claire sift through her old clothes this morning, giving away a huge trashbag of clothes, Mr. Morgan agreed to do the shopping.

Claire has also been saving up her own money for a new pair of shoes that she spied over the summer. Since I had just bought her several pairs of new shoes in the spring, I told her she'd have to save her allowance to buy the shoes she now wanted. Hopefully the store will still have the shoes Claire wanted (or another suitable pair), since she did such a good job of saving her money over the past months.

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