May 6, 2010

Meal Plan 3

Because we traveled to Tennessee last week, I didn't grocery shop until Tuesday this week. I had lots of food to buy for this week, including food for meals that I'm taking to friends who recently had babies. The meal I took to my post-pregnancy friends is turkey enchiladas suizas.

Tuesday - Sausage with tangy caraway cabbage
This recipe was easy and quick because it uses kielbasa and bagged coleslaw mix. I'd never eaten caraway seeds before or bought them, but their smell and taste reminded me of rye bread, which I assume has caraway seeds in it.

Wednesday - Cinco de Mayo at community group
My contribution to our Mexican-themed meal was guacamole, refried beans, and sour cream. I learned to make guacamole from my friend Jules when I was in college. Slice several ripe avocadoes in half, and dig out the green fruit. Use a fork to smash the fruit, creating a creamy mixture. Slice an onion in half; using a knife, scrape onion juice and pulp into the mixture. Then dice the leftover onion and toss into mixture. Add juice from a lime or lemon to help the guacamole keep its bright-green color. Add lots of salt to taste. Serve with tortilla chips.

Thursday - Sweet and spicy Asian pork shoulder
Slow-cooker meals are easy and fun, too, because I get to smell the delicious meat cooking all day. This recipe also uses bok choy, which I get in abundance from the CSA but have yet to enjoy eating.

Friday - Asparagus and soft eggs on toast
Since I'm just cooking for Mr. Morgan this weekend, I picked a quick and easy meal for Friday night.

Saturday - Creamy bow-ties with broccolini and ham
I'm not sure exactly what broccolini is (small broccoli, perhaps?), so I'll be substituting regular broccoli.

Saturday - Gouda cheeseburgers with fennel onion relish
I planned two meals for Saturday, since we'll probably be working around the house this weekend. I'd never cooked with fennel before, so I looked up a picture using Google images. However, the commissary did not offer any fennel when I was there. I'll be making a special trip to Bilo before Saturday evening to pick up the fennel.

Sunday - Fettuccine with lima beans, peas, and leeks
We're lunching out in Columbia with the family for Mother's Day, but we'll need an easy meal for the evening.

Monday - Ravioli with sweet potatoes and thyme
Refrigerated ravioli makes an easy meal, and I'm looking forward to using thyme from my own little plant.

Tuesday - Shrimp and corn chowder with fennel
Hopefully next Tuesday won't be super hot, or else we won't feel like eating chowder.

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  1. And the crazy part is that most of these gourmet meals likely cost less than McDonald's would have, and all of them less than pizza take-out would have!