May 6, 2010

Ten Months Old

Yesterday was Hamilton's ten-month birthday. He's grown so much in just a month, and he's doing all sorts of new things. He's eating lots of table food, prepared the way we eat it. He's mastered two signs, "more" and "milk," though sometimes he does those signs when he wants other things as well, like to be picked up or to go to sleep. I'm hopeful he'll continue learning the other signs I'm using with him, and I hope to add more signs to our daily routines. He still loves most all food we feed him, including turnips and their greens.

He stands well by himself while holding on to a chair or coffee table. And, he's beginning to move his feet while standing. He also takes steps like walking if I'm holding his hands; he first did this in Tennesssee with Mr. Morgan. He still loves playing in his entertainer and in his playpen. He enjoys sitting on his own and playing with his toys just about anywhere.
He's so squirmy most times if I'm holding him while I'm sitting. We no longer have mama-and-Hamilton playtime after I feed him a bottle. He won't sit in my lap and talk to me like he used to. He squirms out of my lap, so I let him stand at the coffee table. He'll turn his head around every few seconds to look at me and smile.
Hamilton is still squealing and talking most of the time. He's just started making a new noise which we think is a bark because he first made this sound while Fatty was barking at Phoebe. Here's a video of Hamilton's "barking."

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