January 16, 2010


I usually make at least one vegetarian meal each week because it's both healthier and cheaper than comparable meat-filled dishes. I'm always trying to find hearty, meatless dishes to satisfy my meat-and-potatoes man who will say, "This would be great with some hamburger in it."

Last night I prepared a potato, leek, and Feta tart--a delicious recipe I'd found in my Real Simple magazine. Since the commissary did not have any pie crusts that weren't already in a pie pan, I had to improvise: One pie crust held all the ingredients, turning the would-be tart into a pie.Then I peeled the other pie crust out of the pie pan and spread it as best as I could on top of the "pie." It wasn't pretty, but Mr. Morgan loved the resulting dish despite its having no meat.

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