January 5, 2010

Six Months Old

Hamilton is six months old today, and it's hard to believe--seems longer in some ways and shorter in others. He was able to sit up on his own today with only the back support of the chair; he's not leaning on his friends for support this month. He added a few new friends over Christmas, including Elmer and Sassy the elephants and LL Cool J the lion/lamb combo. Trimmings the Christmas moose must have wandered away from the photo shoot, so hopefully he'll be in attendance for next month's shot.

Hamilton has finally shed the swaddle, and he's still sleeping well. He loves his solid foods still; sweet potatoes are his favorite. The other day I fed him turnips prepared plain without even salt, and he loved them! Now the seemingly useless turnips are pureed and frozen ready for Hamilton.

He's rolling over now, and today he almost scooted himself off the window seat. Gone are the days of not keeping an extra-close eye on him! His baby sounds have started sounding more like word sounds, and he usually sounds like he's saying, "Da da da da." Hamilton seems to be more responsive and interactive every day, grabbing for his pacifier or my earrings and noticing his bottle as it's being made--and crying for it if I don't get it in his mouth fast enough.

He's obsessed with his feet: He grabs them and his socks, and the toes go in his mouth any chance he gets. Before the photo shoot was over, he was grabbing at his feet and pulling off his new day-of-the-week socks. He's also sporting the new track suit he got for Christmas.
Claire wished Hamilton a happy half-birthday. Claire is also wearing her new Christmas duds.

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