November 24, 2009

The Big House

I've been so excited to spend more than a week in Mountville, since usually we just come for a weekend. Hamilton and I stayed at the farm while Mr. Morgan and Claire returned to Charleston for work and school. Because of Mollie Brooke's wedding this Friday, I knew there would be lots of wedding prep and festivities, which are always so fun to help with. Deb and I headed to "the big house" late this morning after Hamilton finally woke up from his first nap. We helped decorate and clean up for the upcoming reception.

Hamilton was a trooper, spending his playtime on the floor near the heater because the big house is usually so cold. Perrin kept him company for a little while. Perrin nearly rolled on Hamilton as he was trying to sit himself down right beside Hamilton. Perrin has a little brother on the way, and he's still getting used to babies.
Hamilton also had to brave Perrin's petting.


  1. Hey - if you want to hang out sometime this week, let me know. I'm working every day, but thursday, but if you're not busy we'd be happy to see you.

  2. Oh Aubrey, that'd be so fun! However, we're doing flower arrangements for the wedding tomorrow, rehearsal lunch and wedding rehearsal on Thursday (along with family Thanksgiving), and Friday's the wedding. It's a busy week, and I don't think I'll even make it to Greenwood. But I'd love to see y'all sometime when we're up here visiting again--especially since we're so close! Have a great Thanksgiving!