January 12, 2012

Some Recent Changes

We've changed Hamilton's crib into a toddler bed to get him used to a big-boy bed before we put the twin in his room. Actually I still have to paint the bed's headboard and footboard, and Deb still has to make the bedding; so this change is only a small move toward replacing his crib.
Yes, Hamilton still is wearing Christmas pajamas, but they are his favorite. He always asks to wear them--his "Sanny Claw jahmass."
And I just got my hair cut and colored today. I feel like a new woman.
Collier now sits up well on his own, though he still prefers crawling around on his belly.

1 comment:

  1. 1. My boys have the same Christmas pjs.
    2. I used the same rodeo/cowboy fabric in their room!

    You have great taste! :)