January 23, 2012

Claire's Sleepover Birthday Party

Claire wanted two friends from school to sleep over for her 12th birthday. So Friday afternoon I picked up the three girls from school--including all their bookbags, instruments (including a cello), presents, and overnight bags. I had the forethought to rid my vehicle of the boys' carseats, so we had enough room for everyone and everything.
On the way home I surprised the girls by taking them by Cupcake to pick out their own flavors. Claire especially loved this surprise, and I enjoyed not having to bake a cake that I wouldn't eat.
Claire's choice was chocolate peanut butter.
I bought Hamilton one too because who can resist this boy's pronunciation of "cake cup." He thoroughly enjoyed having two extra girls at the house to play with him. Since their names were so similar (Cady and Caylee), he just called them both Cady. He asked, "Where Cady go?" many times, and then he'd say, "Where uhver Cady go?"
These polite, sweet friends made hosting a sleepover fun and enjoyable for us, too.


  1. Claire is 12? My how time flies. Happy Birthday Claire!!

  2. Great post! So glad she enjoyed her birthday!!