January 5, 2012

December Roundup

Because of my participation in the December Photo Project, I neglected to post several pictures. So here's a roundup of December photos starting with the Morgan children posing for a picture that turned into a wrestle-fest.
Hamilton enjoyed this nativity felt-board book even more than he did last year.
Our dear friend Nancy captivates children when she plays with them in the nursery. Hamilton and West sat still for more than ten minutes with her as she read to them.
Hamilton loved playing with these figurines from Claire's nativity set.
Heavy equipment still enthralls Hamilton.
Grandma Judy couldn't get enough hugs from her boys when she first arrived.
Hamilton loved the gingerbread-building display at the Holiday Festival of Lights.
Claire roasted enormous marshmallows over the fire pit and shared them with everyone.
Hamilton was amazed by the giant firetruck made of lights.
At the festival we, of course, rode the train through the light displays.
Claire worked diligently to complete her Puzzleball of the world.
One of Hamilton's favorite gifts was the working drill that allowed him to "take a-park" the racecar and helicopter.
Collier seemed to enjoy all the presents especially the noisy packaging.
An outtake from our Christmas Eve photo shoot, here's a shot of Hamilton trying to escape.
On Christmas morning the kids opened their stockings, and we opened the last few gifts before heading to church for the Christmas Day service.
Next Christmas I'm resolving to start earlier with decorations and festivities. I want to celebrate with an advent calendar of some kind, so I'll have to begin planning and thinking about Christmas way before the first week of December.


  1. I loved seeing these 'life with the Morgans' shots.

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