March 19, 2010

Car Rides

I usually enjoy the car rides Claire and I share on our way home from school. Since Claire has usually left her favorite electronic device du jour in Mr. Morgan's vehicle from the morning ride to school, she's undistracted by any of her little screens. We often have an opportunity for me to teach her something or for her to enlighten me.

Just this week I described what a convertible car is and looks like, after my seeing our friend Flip pass us in his. And, today she explained what it sounds like when a girl and a guy scream simultaneously. "When a girl screams and a guy screams at the same time, it sounds like, www-oooo-wwww. Like, 'wow.' Isn't that funny?" She demonstrated the "wow" effect with her "w" sounding low-pitched like a guy's voice and the "o" sounding high-pitched like a girl's. Obviously, when those pitches are heard together they sound like "wow."

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