February 9, 2010

More Birthday

Sunday night a few friends came over for an oyster roast and the Superbowl. Eventually we put most of the kiddos to bed and girl talk on the couch began.
Hardee brought a delicious birthday cake to help us celebrate; everyone even sang to me.
Claire was excited to watch the Superbowl commercials which she recorded with her camera. She tried to rope Christie and then me into continuing to record the commercials after she had to go to bed--neither of us was willing. No word yet from Claire on what she plans to do with the footage.Hamilton and Arthur spent the first part of the evening playing with the toys. Arthur is sensitive to Hamilton's loud outbursts of talking and screeching, especially if directed at him.The oysters were a big hit for the few oyster lovers in the group. Claire even tried a few oysters, though she told me the next day that she didn't like oysters as much as she used to.

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